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What do we offer?

Staff Internet Access at UQ is provided by your Organisational Unit. This access includes VPN (Virtual Private Network), Email, On-campus Wireless and Web Storage. We also offer you the option to request an upgrade of your existing Staff Internet Access to Super user.

Additionally, we offer a range of consumables products, such as USB memory sticks, laptop bags, international phone cards and Microsoft software etc

UQconnect provides an MCQ Exam Scanning service using an Optical Mark Reader (OMR). We can scan and analyse True/False and multiple choice exams for your organisational unit.

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General Information

  1. Where a UQ Organisational Unit requests additional download quota for a student on the 1st of the month or during the month, the quota will be applied on the 1st of the following month and charged from the 1st of the following month. Where a UQ Organisational Unit requires the additional download quota to be applied within the month it is requested, the full charge will apply for the month the quota is applied [NOTE: Price is not prorated].
  2. At the time of application, the UQ Organisational Unit must supply their UniFi account number [chart string], from which payment will be debited. It is the responsibility of the UQ Organisational Unit, to keep UQconnect informed of their current UniFi account number [chart string].
  3. To apply for this service, the UQ Organisational Unit must contact UQconnect via phone (07) 336 56000 or email
  4. The general terms and conditions of use, apply to a students use of this service.


UQ Organisational Unit specials


Free Internet for Staff

Communicate without boundaries with UQ Wireless

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