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VPN (Virtual Private Network)

All UQ staff members are automatically provided with a free Staff Internet account, upon commencing employment at the University of Queensland. 

What are the features included with the Staff Internet account?

  • UQ Sign In username and password
  • 1 primary email address
  • Unlimited usage hours, restricted to 4 hour session limits
  • Monthly download quota allowance [Allowance entitlements vary. See below for details]
  • 20MB Disk Space
  • 4096MB Mail Quota1
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Wireless Access

Staff do not apply for this service, as it is activated automatically, through information received from Aurion, the University's human resource management system.


How much download quota will I receive each month?

UQ Staff - Staff, Associate Staff and Visiting Staff (FTE) Full time equivalent), are provided with 30GB of monthly download quota

UQ Casual Staff - employees with a casual staff account, are provided with 10GB of monthly download quota

If you exceed your download quota allowance, please speak with your school/faculty IT person.


Information about your account usage

As a UQ staff (or UQ casual staff) member you are required to log on to the Internet using your UQ Sign In username and password.

When you attempt to visit a website, you may be redirected to the UQ Log In page. If you agree to abide by the UQ Internet Code of Practice and the UQconnect Terms and Conditions, then you should enter your UQ Sign In username and password. You will then be redirected to the requested web page.

This method of Internet access also provides UQ Organisational Units with a tool to review and manage their use of the Internet.


Can I upgrade my existing Staff Internet account?

If you already have a Staff Internet account, UQconnect offer you the option to upgrade your service with additional disk space or additional mail quota.

Simply click the apply now button below and submit the application form to the head of your UQ Organisational unit [or his/her authorised delegate], for completion and authorisation.


1Extra Mail Storage - Extra mail storage can be purchased in 1GB (1024MB) blocks. The maximum number of blocks that can be added to an account is 6 (6GB).


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Information for UQ Organisational Units

UQ Organisational Units can apply for the following services:

  • Email and kerberos for visiting staff
  • Internet or email for staff who do not appear in Aurion [the University's human resource management system]
  • Extra Disk Space
  • Extra Mail Quota
  • Cancellation of an account
  • Notify a change in the organisational unit UniFi account number [also known as a chart string].

Organisations that are affiliated with UQ, but have their own discrete ABN, are required to apply for Staff Internet Access (or upgrade/cancellation of an existing service), as either a Business Affiliate or Research Affiliate .


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For further information on these services, please contact UQconnect.

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