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This FREE account has been specifically designed to help UQ students make the most out of Internet based resources.

Your free student account includes:

  • 40GB download allowance per month
  • Unlimited usage hours
  • Wireless access on-campus
  • An official UQ email address
  • 100MB Disk Space
  • Private IP

How to get started

You do not need to apply for this service - it is set up automatically for all students. When you enrol at UQ you will be sent a letter with a UQ username and password. These details are used for this service and other online services around UQ such as mySI-net.

Otherwise visit the Student Guide on the HelpDesk for more information on getting started.

About your free account

  1. 40GB download per month - Your download allowance is used whenever you access the Internet through your free student internet access account, or from locations on-campus (including wireless) when you use your UQ Sign In username and password. Access to UQ sites and most Australian universities (except Notre Dame, Southern Cross and Bond universities) are free and do not count against your download allowance.

    You can purchase additional download for your free Student Internet Access account. 

    Important: Postgraduate research students must refer to their School administrator for access to additional download.

  2. Unlimited usage hours - You have unlimited usage hours when you connect to the Internet via your free student account. However, this is restricted to 4 hour sessions. You can reconnect if you are disconnected.
  3. Wireless access - If you have a laptop computer with an 802.11 b or g card, you connect to the Internet from many places around UQ campuses. When you are on-campus, look out for the wireless hotspot signs. For more information about UQconnect Wireless, click here.
  4. Email address - Every student receives an official UQ email address with 50MB mail storage. The University only communicates with you via this address so you must check it frequently. If you use an another email address, you may redirect email from this account to another email address you regularly use.
  5. 100MB Disk Space - This is used for file storage. 
  6. VPN - A virtual private network (VPN), allows you to create a secure connection to UQ from home just like you are on-campus.  This gives you full access to most services found on the private network (such as certain web pages etc).  Students at the Dental and Medical Schools will need to connect via VPN in order to access the wireless network.
  7. Private IP - The free Student Internet Access service is provided to you, strictly for study purposes and therefore has limited access. Also your web site is not visible outside UQ.


Page updated 06-02-2015